Apollon Theater (Patra)






A theatre built in 1872, the oldest lyric theatre in Greece, renovated three times, with 153 seats and three rows of boxes.

Apollon Theater is a historical neoclassical building designed by the German architect Ernst Ziller. It was established in February, 1871 and it was completed a year later. It is situated at the center of the city and it is a true architectural gem, since it constitutes a replica of the La Scala in Milano.

Ziller decided to design a building of neo renaissance style with arched openings. The arched openings of the ground floor are supported by Toscanic [Tuscan] pillars made of marble, while those on the first floor are supported by four marble pillars of Ionic order. The clay statues, which were placed on the roof, were constructed in Vienna and contribute to the grandiosity of the building. Its main painting decoration is inspired by Greek mythology. The auditorium of the theater has 153 seats and three rows of boxes. The materials chosen for its construction were some of the most expensive during that era, such as stone from Trieste, marbles from Livorno and railings from England. Its velvet curtain and the imposing chandelier add up to the luxurious decoration of the theater. At first, it used candles for its lighting, in 1878 it was supplied with gas and finally in 1899 it was electrified. The theater has a seating capacity of 450 people. During its history, it was renovated three times, with the latest being from 1969 to 1972. It’s worth noting that the Apollo Theater in Patras is the oldest lyric theater in Greece.