Tsokris' Mansion

COUNTY: Argolis MUNICIPALITY: Argos-Mycenae



Neoclassical, Listed


Visit the wonderful neoclassical mansion of Dimitrios Tsokris, famous for its architectural style.

One of the oldest and finest neoclassical buildings of Argos is the Dimitrios Tsokris Mansion, a two-storey stone house of 1829, which is a reference point for the modern history of the city. In 1965 it was classified as listed building, due to its historical association with the fighter of 1821 Dimitrios Tsokris.

Dimitrios Tsokris was an eminent military figure of 1821 who, later, became a deputy in Argos. In 1821 he organized a military corps, which he supported with his own means. Many leaders bowed to him, as they recognized his exceptional leading abilities. As chieftain of Argos, he offered valuable services to his country and thus, he was appointed military leader in the province of Argos.

The house is a pi-shaped symmetrical building with a tiled span-roof that ends in pediments. On the first floor there is a big balcony with railing supported by columns. The colors of the building are authentic and well preserved, as is the case for the painted Greek fret under the cornice. On the right and left side of the porch two funerary reliefs, discovered in the foundations of the building in 1827, have been walled up.