Ladopoulos' Villa




An avant-guard edifice of the 20th century with exquisite flooring and an imposing semicircular element made of glass.

This avant-guard edifice, built in 1954, was the first one in Greece that had air conditioning. The villa occupies a total of 785m2 (418m2 the ground floor, 367m2 the first floor) and has two entrances. Ladopoulos’ villa located on the old national road Patras-Pyrgos has its main entrance on Akti Dymaion street and a side entrance north. The villa is enclosed by an ashlar stone masonry wall combined with railings. The semicircular space made of glass on its side serves as a base for the veranda on the first floor. The flooring is wood, marble and mosaic. The villa is heated by radiators and there is also a big water tank which fuels the building for several days. Other elegant elements in the villa are the fireplaces, the wooden paneling of the walls and the wooden staircase leading to the first floor.

On the ground floor, there are three rooms for the personnel, two kitchens and a WC. The first floor has eight rooms, three bathrooms, and a hall. In the basement there is a boiler, washing machines and marble wash-tubs. Behind the estate there is a lodge of 40m2. The building is owned by Emporiki Bank, it was fully restored and for some time it accommodated the Regional department of Peloponnese. Unfortunately, the last years it has been abandoned and it is up for sale.