Polylimnio Gorge

COUNTY: Messinia



1 - 50


Hiking, Swimming,

The gorge is in Messini Municipality of Messinia region, and has a total length of 3 kilometres. It is created by the running waters that end up, through waterfalls, in the many lakes of Polylimnio location, the name literally meaning many lakes. The gorge is next to the village Charavgi.

The gorge is relatively easy to traverse, with the exception of the area where the waterfalls flow. Its rare beauty is because of its special morphology, and specifically, because of its many lakes that are created in different heights during its length, and also because of its waterfalls.

The gorge has lush greenery and is tight, though in some places it is significantly wider. In those places are the lakes, a characteristic of the gorge and also the source of its name. The water flows from one lake to another and the hike is interrupted by small waterfalls that the traveller can climb up or down from specially placed ladders. For those who wish to traverse the more difficult spots of the gorge there are small bridges, as well as metal aiding handles that provide better grip. In many spots, the hiker will need to step in water, so it is recommended that trips are organised in the summer; besides, in the summer the traveller can swim in the lakes that are deep enough, so a swimsuit is a must-have.

Many of the lakes on the gorge's length have names that correspond to people who had an important role in events of the past. Examples include the lake of the Italian, the lake of Stathoula and the lake of Panagos. Lastly, noteworthy is also the local fauna, especially the cave of the butterflies that can be found in the lakes as one travels through the gorge.