Rintomo Gorge

COUNTY: Messinia



Hiking, Trekking

The gorge is only 15 kilometres from Kalamata. Pausanias mentions the gorge with a phrase meaning valley of pigs, and according to his descriptions it was the natural border between Messinia and Laconia. It begins from the peak of Taygetus, Neraidovouni location, altitude of 2,031 meres, and ends on the Messinian Gulf, on the coast of Santova. It is also called the Gorge of Koskaraka, especially on the point nearest to the sea.

The picturesque narrow streets in Pigadia and Altomira are a natural passageway to the gorge. Access is also available from the old street Kalamata-Kampos, on the brige of Koskaraka, from the Gaitses or Anavatis village, and also from Greek Mountaineering Club of Sparta's Retreat.

One of the gorge's sights is the stone bridge near Pigadia with two arches, one above the other, connecting the gorge's two sides in that particularly narrow point. On the gorge's exit to the sea, on the bed of the river, one can see two more bridges. The smallest one has one arch and is made of stone, built around 1850 for pedestrians, and the other one was made of concrete in 1830, for cars. Currently, one more is being built, with modern materials.

Hiking through the gorge is a unique experience where one can see a multitude of geological formations such as vertical cliffs, pronounced folds and fissures on the multicoloured rocks, and more. The safest time to traverse it is during the spring and the beginning of the summer.