Panagia Eleistria Church

COUNTY: Messinia MUNICIPALITY: Pylos-Nestor





Visit the Panagia Eleïstria church in Koroni to see the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary.

The Panagia Eleïstria church is at the southeast tip of the Frank fortress in Koroni, a position that offers a stupendous view of the Messenian bay, the creek of Coroni, the Akritas cape, the islet Venetiko and the mount Taygetos.

The church was inaugurated in 1900 after the discovery of the Panagia Eleïstria icon in the region in 1897. It was found thanks to an old woman in Koroni, who had been dreaming for 15 years that Virgin Mary was showing her where to find the three small icons: the Crucified, the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) and the Saint Loukas. The relief icons were found at a crevice of a big rock on 21st, 22nd and 23rd January 1897. The synthesis of these constitutes the actual icon of Eleïstria.

The church is triune and it celebrates three times a year: on Friday of Zoodohou Pigis, on 14th September and on 25th of March.

Underneath the church, in the rock where the icon of Panagia was found, there is a little church named “Evresi” (discovery) for obvious reasons.

The Panagia Eleïstria icon is miraculous and attracts many visitors from around the country, who invoke Virgin Mary to help them heal various diseases.