Venetiko Island

COUNTY: Messinia MUNICIPALITY: Pylos-Nestor

Venetiko is an uninhabited island which belongs to the cluster of the Messenian Oinousses, south of the Akritas cape. Its name is recent and it might be linked to the period of the Venetian Rule, because the Roman traveller Pausanias called it Thiganousa. It is an island with bushes and abounds with vestiges from the byzantine era. There are ruins of a tower, a well and a late Byzantine era edifice located on the coast. It is thought that this building was used either for the production of salt or for the signaling of ships. On the north tip of the island there is an expanse of ground that may have been a salt-pan. So, the early inhabitants of the island lived from the production of salt.

The inhabitants of the nearby mainland do not want any human intervention to spoil the natural habitat of the island which is included in the Natura 2000 Network.