Chelonaki Islet

COUNTY: Messinia MUNICIPALITY: Pylos-Nestor

An uninhabited miniscule islet located in the center of Navarino bay, east of Sphacteria, west of Yalova and north of Pylos. It is a small flat rock linked to the mainland with a pier made of concrete. A monument in honor of the English fighters who lost their lives in the Battle of Navarino was built on top of Chelonaki. In this naval battle the allied forces of English, French and Russian ships destroyed the fleet of the Ottomans and the Egyptians, thus determining the outcome of the Greek Revolt in 1821 and putting an end to the bloodshed by Ibrahim Pascha in Messenia. The islet is lit to facilitate the navigation of ships at night. You can access it by boats departing from Pylos.