Fanari Islet

COUNTY: Messinia MUNICIPALITY: Pylos-Nestor

An uninhabited islet south of Sphacteria island and west of Pylos. The name Fanari comes from the lighthouse (faros in Greek) built and in use since 1873. The islet is also known as Tsichli Baba. The dramatic rocky landscape with the characteristic opening between the sheer cliffs make Fanari islet unique and spectacular in its whole.

A monument in honor of the French fighters who gave their life in the Battle of Navarino, which determined the outcome of the Greek revolt against the Ottoman empire, was constructed on top of a cliff. After having ascended the 134 steps to reach the monument, take a moment to contemplate the breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea. Take the little boats from Pylos to visit Fanari islet, which bore witness to one of the greatest naval battles in history.