Monastery of Chrysopigi of Divri

COUNTY: Elis MUNICIPALITY: Ancient Olympia





A beautiful monastery, founded by a saint, with a great library, built in a verdant location on an altutide of 1,150 metres.

The monastery of Chrysopigi (meaning, golden fount or spring) of Divri is one of the most important monasteries of Elis, in a verdant location in Upper Divri. It is built on an altitude of 1,150 metres, 60 kilometres from Pyrgos, in 1667 from saint Ioakeim.

The catholicon of the monastery has a dome supported by four arches, decorated with beautiful murals that were painted in 1746. The templo, carved out of wood, has an inscription that dates it in the 18th century. The monastery houses a great library that holds manuscripts as well as books from the 17th and 18th century.

While Greece was under Turkish rule, the church served as a Kryfo Scholio (an underground school that taught Greek, the Greek Orthodox religion, and other subjects, with the priests as teachers); it was even used as a refuge for the fighters of Morea.

A little way to the north of the last houses of Divri village is the Lower Monastery of Divris, dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Theotokos), that is closed today.

Monastery of Chrysopigi of Divri celebrates in the 23rd of August.