COUNTY: Arcadia, Argolis



1,000 - 2,000


Strawberry Trees, Oaks, Pistacia, Pine Trees, Shrubs, Asperula Saxiola, Taxus Baccata


Lizards, Snakes, Birds, Wild Goats


Hiking, Trekking, Mountain Biking, Climbing

Ktenias mountain, also named Chtenias, is on the border between the regions of Argolida and Arcadia. North of Ktenias is Artemisio, and south is Parnon. Its highest point is at 1,643 metres and second highest is the peak “Prophet Elias” at 1,589. The view from the mountain’s top is amazing, encompassing Parnon and Taygetus on the south, up to the plains of Argolida on the east, and the plateau of Tripolis is visible as well as Mainalo mountain on the west.

The mountain is found in ancient writing as Kreion mountain, possibly named after the Titan Crius (or Kreios, or Krios, the son of Uranus and Gaia) who was particularly worshipped in Peloponnese.

Near the peak named “Prophet Elias” in Tourniki, on the southern part of the mountain, is a forest that was dedicated to the goddess Artemis according to Pausanias, comprised of trees from the Taxus Baccata species, often called English Yew or European Yew. Artemis was worshipped in a temple that was inside the yew forest.

Up to 800 metres, vegetation is dense, but from that point on the ground is rocky and nothing but few bushes grow. In the location called “Psilo Lithari-Kontodiasela” is a wind farm. A good site to visit at the end of November is the settlement of Krya Vrysi, 20 kilometres west of Argos and at a height of 750 metres, so that the visitor can take part in the hiking organised every year by the local cultural association; the groups hike to the verdant gorge of Koumaria.