Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys and Games




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A modern museum, full of ancient musical instruments, fully operational and perfectly reconstructed. Free entrance for students.

This original museum is situated at Katakolo of Elis and it operates under the auspices of the Municipality of Pyrgos. It hosts 42 fully operational ancient Greek musical instruments, perfectly preserved and reconstructed. The exhibits are coupled with audio-visual material.

Among the exhibits, you can find the “Lyra of Hermes”, the first stringed instrument with a tortoise sound-box and ox skin, its arms were made from goat horns and its chords from sheep intestines. You can also find the one-stringed instrument “Elikonas” and the Pythagorean Syntonon (six-chord), with which the ancient philosopher and mathematician studied the musical scales and their relation with mathematics.

Visitorsalso have the chance to see the “Pandoura”, the predecessor of all contemporary instruments in the lute family, the “Dionysian Varvitos”, the kymbala (cymbals), the krotala (clappers), the seistron (rattle), the psithyra (xylophone), the archaic guitar, the tympanon (drum), the salpinx (trumpet), the Syrinx of Panos, the Homeric kithara (guitar), the clarinet and aulos (oboe), the kroupezion, and others.

 In the museum’s exposition you will also find the Apollo’s kithara (guitar), a complex instrument with sliding balance weights, an elastic supporting mechanism, cams and prominent spirals for the crossbar, as well as the “Hydraulis of Ktesibios”, the first keyboard instrument in the world. Visitors will also have the thrilling experience to hear the Seikilos song, the oldest surviving musical composition.

The museum is on the main road at Latsi Building and the entrance is free for students.

For reservations: or 6942-420157