Archaeological Museum of Tegea






A museum with an expertly presented set of exhibits about the life and culture of the ancient city of Tegea.

The Archaeological Museum of Tegea was built in 1907/8 at what was then called Piali (now Alea) of Tegea. The land plot was donated to the Archeological Service by Metropolitan Bishop Neilos, who came from Piali. The museum is 12km from Tripoli and it is one of the first museums in the Greek province. It is dedicated to Tegea, the most powerful and ancient city of Arcadia. Its exhibits show the development of Tegea throughout time. In the original catalogue of the exposition which was drafted by the archaeologist and explorer Konstantinos Romaios, 1,283 ancient objects from Tegea were registered including earthen objects, sculptures, inscriptions,, as well as 301 objects transferred from Tripoli. The foundation of the Museum intrigued many Greek and foreign archaeologists. After 1950, all the ancient findings of the region were transferred to this Museum.

Gallery 1 exhibits the findings dated from the pre-historic times until the ancient times. Two imposing marble thrones from the theater of Tegea and three female sculptures stand out. In this Gallery you will also find the Museum’s shop.

Gallery 2 exhibits the works of Scopas dated from the 4th century BC which decorated the Temple of Alea Athena.

In Gallery 3 you will find the findings from Tegea’s region. One of the most important exhibits is the sarcophagus that depicts a scene from Iliad, the dead body of young Hector accompanied by Achilles. 

The most important exhibits in Gallery 4 are the metallic and earthen offerings from the Temple of Alea Athena, as well as two funerary steles (gravestones).

The outdoor exhibition shows the public life of Tegea with inscriptions, funerary steles and other findings.

The visitor can use digital means and applications in order to get information about the various exhibits. Moreover, there are interactive data tables concerning the history and the archaeological development of ancient Tegea.

The Museum was closed for years. However, it was recently renovated and inaugurated in September 2014. Now, it is considered a model of contemporary museological presentation.

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