Archaeological Museum of Chora

COUNTY: Messinia MUNICIPALITY: Pylos-Nestor





Vistit the wonderful archeological museum of Chora with its interesting collection of 4000 objects among which golden coins, vases, frescoes etc.

The archeological museum of Chora founded in 1969 houses collections, which include the findings discovered during excavations in the surrounding area. The 4000 exhibits displayed in three rooms include vases and various objects, dated from the Middle Helladic period (2000-1600 B.C.) and the Mycenaean period (1600-1100 B.C.), most of which were discovered in the Palace of Nestor.

Golden coins, goblets of the Mycenaean period, frescoes, vases, weapons, tools, sculpted miniatures, plasters of clay inscriptions in Linear B, etc. are also included in the exhibits. One of the most important is the Messenian goblet, known as “depas amphikypellon”, the tripod rhyton (a container of fluids) with three animal heads and the golden findings from the chamber tombs of Peristeria village in Kyparissia, which are dated from the early Mycenaean period. Among the findings in the Palace of Nestor that stand out are the clay altar of offerings, found in the throne chamber, certain frescoes depicting people, animals and mythical creatures, the gigantic pithoi (large storage containers) and vases. Finally, there are findings from the royal tombs excavated in the Eglianos hill, though the majority of them are housed in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Address: Chora, Municipality of Pylos-Nestoras Messenia

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