Nea Kios

COUNTY: Argolis MUNICIPALITY: Argos-Mycenae



2,000 - 3,000


Medical Centre, Pharmacy, Gas Station, Cash Machine,

Distance from nearest city



A beautiful town, established in 1926 from refugees from Kios. It has a rich culture and its many associations organise popular excursions.

A town of 2,778 residents, sitting on the shores of the Argolic Gulf, 7 kilometres west of Nafplio. The town is the historical continuance of Kios of Asia Minor, since the first residents were refugees, established here in 1926, after the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

The town's economy is mostly based on tourism. Many touristic businesses are active in the area, such as rooms to let, hospitals and catering businesses. Other than that, the residents engage in trade and fishing; the town is crossed by the Erasinos river, and on its mouth are anchored the small fishing boats of the townspeople. The town is equipped with a port, too, which can hold small and bigger boats.

Nea Kios keeps its original identity, that of the Asia Minor town, alive and aflame, with much activity in culture and sports, since the local cultural associations organise many excursions, popular throughout the region. The town is also the seat of the historical soccer team Argonaftis Neas Kiou, founded in 1933.

The town is equipped with a Regional Medical Centre, Police Department, Pharmacy, gas station and a cash machine (ATM).