COUNTY: Corinthia MUNICIPALITY: Xylokastro-Evrostini



4,000 - 5,000


Medical Centre, Pharmacy, Citizen Service Centre, Gas Station, Cash Machine

Distance from nearest city



This lovely coastal town and its unique forest of Pefkia form a beautiful picture with the beaches putting the finishing touch.

A coastal town of 4,500 inhabitants 17km northwest of Kiato and 41km northwest of the city of Corinth located on the Corinthian bay. The town was named after the wooden quarters of the Venetian garrison (1687-1715). In the 18th century it was known as Oxokampos. In the past the region was covered by a pine forest which was deforested to create arable land. Today, a part of it survives along the coast growing in brackish water, the forest of Pefkia.

Xylokastro was a tourist destination for over a century being a resort for foreigners and soon it was considered a bathing town. Until the ‘70s there were summer camps. The visitors then called it “Anthoupoli” (a town full of flowers). In 1906 the first nudists came to Xylokastro to enjoy its beautiful beaches and its crystal waters. Towards the end of the last century Xylokastro was renewed. It has many sights, chief among them the house of Angelos Sikelianos, a listed monument from 1986 which is deemed a masterpiece due to its different architectural influences. The coastal forest of Pefkia is a site of rare natural beauty with a diverse flora that inspired the renowned poets Sikelianos and Karyotakis. The latter referred to the forest as the “green coast of homeland”.

The cultural association “Choranthi” and the sport association “Aristonaftis” organize many events. The local football team is Iraklis Xylokastrou. The patron saint of the town is Agios Vlassios celebrated on February 11.